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Save Lives

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US Navy Saves Refugees

US Navy Saves Refugees

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My Take – We’re all refugees from one land to or another, one time or another, one continent to another.

Whether it’s Scandinavia, Russia, Vietnam or anywhere else like it is from the M. East and Africa to Europe and America and Canada today.

It’s the way we are as human beings. To snicker and hate that is to hate being human. Unless, we’re from another planet, we need to understand and embrace this as existing scenario(s) that will persist and it’ll make us stronger as a nation, people and citizens of a global larger community.

Next stop…we’re refugees on other planets and moons in our own solar system and then beyond to the shores of other stars. Truly mind-bending if we ponder a bit what it means to be a refugee and why we should have heart for people in flight and plight.

Bless all of you this blessed day of remembrance Memorial Day to remember all our fallen brothers and sisters wherever they may lie on Earth.